sunnis would accuse shias that you say that aimmah can control world etc
and they would say that it is shirk. but this is sad when one realizes that even their scholars do agree that those who are great, they do control.
there is a famous saying of iqbal

ki mohammad se wafa to ne to hum tere hain
ye jahan chiese hai kiya, looh o qalam tere hain

let us see what sunni tafasir tell us

we find in    تفسير انوار التنزيل واسرار التأويل/ البيضاوي

in tafsir of the verse 5 of surat naziat, that

أو صفات النفوس الفاضلة حال المفارقة فإنها تنزع عن الأبدان غرقاً أي نزعاً شديداً من إغراق النازع في القوس، وتنشط إلى عالم الملكوت وتسبح فيها فتسبق إلى حظائر القدس فتصير لشرفها وقوتها من المدبرات

that is

“allah is discussing the state of great people, that when they are separated from their bodies, they move to the arc, and start operating the aalam-e-malakoot; and do tasbeeh, and teach the pens (that is control); this is their honor and they regulate the affairs (of the worlds)”

interestingly, we find even more than that  in   تفسير روح المعاني/ الالوسي

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same statements have been give in   تفسير روح البيان في تفسير القرآن/ اسماعيل حقي

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and none other than تفسير مفاتيح الغيب ، التفسير الكبير/ الرازي

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