we find in ansaab-ul-ashraaf, vol 5, page 137

حدثني إبراهيم بن العلاف البصري قال، سمعت سلاماً أبا المنذر يقول: قال عاصم بن بهدلة حدثني زر بن حبيش عن عبد الله بن مسعود قال: قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم : “إذا رأيتم معاوية بن أبي سفيان يخطب على المنبر فاضربوا عنقه”

rijal analysis

first narrator is ibrahim bin alaf

we find in tehzeeb that he was termed thiqa by ibn haban, and also we find the wordings of

شيخا ثقة

next is

[499] ت س الترمذي والنسائي سلام بن سليمان المزني أبو المنذر

so he was a narrator of tirmidhi and nisai

وقال بن أبي حاتم صدوق صالح الحديث

abu hatim says he was truthful and good in hadeeth

قال الساجي صدوق

saji said sudooq

ibn hajar wrote in taqreeb

2705- سلام ابن سليمان المزني أبو المنذر القارىء النحوي البصري نزيل الكوفة صدوق

he was sudooq

next is

عاصم بن بهدلة

he was narrator of bukhari and muslim

next is

زر بن حبيش

again, narrator of bukhari and muslim

and last is sahabi abdullah bin masood

this chain also clarifies the last chain which was given in part 1 of this series, since it is having the same names after asim.

keep in mind that on the very next page, we find another chain for this hadeeth; it runs like this

روى الحكم بن ظهير عن عاصم عن ذر عن عبد الله

this chain has been mentioned by ibn hajar as well, in tehzeeb, though hakam is weak, but still we know that there are other chains supporting this