It is a known fact that Sunnah is what has been done by Holy Prophet (asws), or that He has said it, or that someone did it in front of Him and He did not stop it.

Let us see If weeping while hearing about Imam Hussein’s Martyrdom is a Sunnah or not.

We refer to what has been mentioned by Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal in his Musnad,research of Sheikh Ahmad Shakir, 1/446, Hadeeth 648


عن عبد الله بن نجي عن أبيه أنه : سار مع علي رضي الله عنه وكان صاحب مطهرته فلما حاذى نينوى وهو منطلق إلى صفين فنادى علي رضي الله عنه : اصبر أبا عبد الله اصبر أبا عبد الله بشط الفرات قلت : وماذا قال : دخلت على النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم ذات يوم وعيناه تفيضان قلت : يا نبي الله أغضبك أحد ما شأن عيناك تفيضان قال : بل قام من عندي جبريل قبل فحدثني أن الحسين يقتل بشط الفرات قال : فقال : هل لك إلى أن أشمك من تربته قال : قلت : نعم فمد يده فقبض قبضة من تراب فأعطانيها فلم أملك عيني أن فاضتا

Abdullah Bin Naji narrates from his father who said : that he went with Ali  who was pure. When he passed Ninawa on his way to Siffin Ali  called: be patient Aba Abdillah be patient Aba Abdillah by ,the Euphrates river ,then I said: and why did you say? he said : Allah’s Prophet  came to me some day and his eyes were overflowed with tears, I said: O Prophet of Allah did someone make you angry why are your eyes overflowing? He said: Jibraeel left me after he told me that Al Hussein asws will be killed by the Euphrates river. He said: do you want to smell some of his soil? I said: yes. He took some of the soil in his hand and gave it to and gave it to me then I could not hold back my tears and my eyes overflowed.

Researcher of the book, Sheikh Ahmad Shakir says:-

Chain of Narration is Authentic, And it is present in Majma-uz-Zawaid, 9/187, and He (Haithmi) said: Narrated by Ahmad, Abu Y’ala, Bazaar, Tabarani, and Narrators are all Trustworthy, and Naji is not unique in Narrating it

Apart from Ahmad Shakir and Hafiz Haithmi, This narration has also been authenticated as Hasan/Good by Sheikh Hussein Saleem Asad in his Research upon Musnad Abu Y’ala, 1/297, Hadeeth 363.

Shokani also authenticated this narration in his book, Dur-as-Sahaba, p. 297; and He said:-

And it is narrated by Ahmad, Abu Y’ala, Bazaar and Tabarani in al-Kabeer with Chain having Trustworthy narrators…….


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