ibn taimiyyah said in his book minhaj-us-sunnah that the love of sahaba; especially abu bakar,umar will be there in the hearts of all muslim; and having said this, he turns to mola ali asws, and says

ولم يكن كذلك عليٌّ ؛ فإنَّ كثيراً من الصحابة والتابعين كانوا يبغضونه ويسبونه ويقاتلونه“.

it was not so for ali: for a number of sahaba and tabaeen were jealoused of him, spoke ill of him and fought him

[minhan-us-sunnah, vol 7, page 137-138]

then, he says on page 147

” وقد عُلم قَدحُ كثيرٍ مِن الصحابة في عليٍّ “

no doubt, it is known that a lot of sahaba slandered ali asws

dhabi also accepted this, he said in sair aalam nabala

وخلف معاوية خلق كثير يحبونه ويتغالون فيه ويفضلونه، إما قد ملكهم بالكرم والحلم والعطاء، وإما قد ولدوا في الشام على حبه، وتربى أولادهم على ذلك.
وفيهم جماعة يسيرة من الصحابة، وعدد كثير من التابعين والفضلاء، وحاربوا معه أهل العراق ، ونشؤوا على النصب ، نعوذ بالله من الهوى

mawia was followed by a lot of people who loved him, increased his status, and gave him preference; no doubt, he was a king with generosity, forbearance, and giving. and no doubt, people were born on his love in syria, and groomed their children on that; and amongst them was a group of sahaba, and a lot of tabaeen and greats who would fight people of iraq, and they grew up on nasibiat; may allah save me from this thing

[sair aalam nabala, vol 3, page 128]

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