in this post of ours, we talk about the fact that ali asws was given such high status that holy prophet asws said that whosoever insulted ali, he had insulted me. the importance of this hadeeth is increased when we realize that even the imam of nawasib, dhabi and ibn taimiyya accepted that there were sahaba who used to insult ali asws. and this can be read in this article of ours.

coming to this hadeeth, there are many references for this hadeeth, however, we will quote it from khasais-e-ali, where imam nisai named the chapter : whosoever insulted ali, he insulted me

and in this chapter, he says:-

أخبرنا ) أحمد بن شعيب ، قال : أخبرنا العباس بن محمد الدوري قال : حدثنا يحيى بن زكريا ، قال : أخبرنا اسرائيل ، عن ابي اسحاق عن ابي عبد الله الجدلي  قال : دخلت على ام سلمة فقالت لي : أيسب رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم فيكم ؟ قلت : سبحان الله أو معاذ الله . قالت : سمعت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم يقول : من سب عليا فقد سبني .

abu abdullah said that i went to umm salma, she said

“do you insult holy porphet ?”

i said :”subhan allah  rather maad allah”

she said

i heard prophet saying : “whosoever insulted ali, insulted me”


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2- mustadarak, vol 3, page 121

3-khasais e ali, page 93, narration 88

4-sunan kubra,nisai, vol 5, page 133




1- sheikh shoaib arnawit said:

isnaad sahih

[musnad ahmad, takhreej shoaib, vol 44, page 329, narration 36748]

2- sheikh hamza zain said:

isnaad sahih

[musnad ahmad, takhreej shakir and zain, vol 14, page 315, narration 26627]

3- hafiz haithmi said

narrated by ahmad and his narrators are of sahih hadeeth except abu abdullah jadli, and he is thiqa

[majma uz zawaid, vol 9, page 130]

4- hussein saleem asad said:

isnaad sahih and israel heard from abu ishaq before his mixing

[musnad abu yala, vol 12, page 444, narration 7013]

5- abu ishaq haweeni said

isnaad hasan

[al jili ba takhreej khasais-e-ali, page 93, narration 88]

6- hakim said

hadeeth sahih, but was not written

[mustadarak, vol 3, page 121]

7- dhabi said


[same as before]

8- hasan saqaf:

this is sahih saying in musnad ahmad etc that who insulted…

[zahr rehan, page 11]

9-shokani said:

narrated by ahmad with narrators of sahih except abu abdullah jadli, and he is thiqa

[dur sahab, page 224]

10-hafiz badakhshani mentioned it in his nazl ul abrar, hence it is sahih

[nazl ul abraar ba ma seha min manaqib ahlubait athar, page 56]

11- maqbal wadai’i kept quiet on authentication of hakim and dhabi

[mustadarak, vol 3, page 140, page 4679]

12-mustafa adwi said


[al sahih ul musnad min fadail ul sahaba, page 121]

13- wasi ullah bin mohammad abbas said

isnaad sahih

[fadail us sahaba, vol 2, page 642, 1011]

14-ibn ul wazir yamani said:

all narrators are narrators of jamaat except abu abdullah jadli, and he is thiqa

[aithar ul khalq ala khalq, page 404]

more references can be seen in arabic over here