we find in ayoon akhbar ur raza, that debel came to imam raza asws and recited a few verses from his poetry to holy imam asws regarding imam mehdi wa qaim, sheikh sudooq says in his book, ayoon,

The author of this book (Sheikh Sadooq) – may God have mercy upon him – said, “I included this tradition in this chapter of the book since it is related to the rewards for going on pilgrimage to Al-Reza (s). There is also another tradition from De’bel ibn Ali related to Al-Reza (s) that is related to the coming of the Riser (s) that I would like to narrate after this tradition.”

here is the narration for you and plz pay attention to the beauty with which the translator has translated these

may allah give him happiness (amin)

66-35 Ahmad ibn Ziyad ibn Ja’far al-Hamazani – may God be pleased with him – narrated that Ali ibn Ibrahim ibn Hashem quoted on the authority of his father, on the authority of Abdul Salam ibn Saleh al-Harawi, “I heard De’bel ibn Ali al-Khoza’ee say, ‘I recited this poem for my Master Al-Reza (s) which starts with:

The schools for the Qur’anic verses are void of reciting now
and the landing site of revelations is left like a barren desert!

Then I reached the following verses:

A Divine Leader shall rise – surely he is to rise
In God’s name and His Blessing he shall rise
He will distinguish between right and wrong for us
He will reward the good-doers and the bad-doers he shall chastise.

Then Al-Reza (s) cried hard. He (s) raised up his head towards me and said, ‘O De’bel Khoza’ee! It was the Holy Spirit who made these verses flow out from your tongue. Do you know who that Divine Leader is? When will he rise?’

Then De’bel said, ‘No my Master! I have only heard that a Divine Leader from your progeny shall rise and cleanse the earth of corruption. He shall fill it with justice.’

Then the Imam (s) said, ‘O De’bel! The Divine Leader coming after me is my son Muhammad; then after Muhammad his son Ali; then his son Hassan; and then his son al-Hujjat the Riser the Awaited one (Imam al-Mahdi) who will come during his absence (Ghayba). He will be obeyed when he appears. God shall prolong time even if there is only one day left for him to rise and fill the earth with justice, since it has been filled with oppression and injustice. But when will it be? This is like informing the people about the time of the arrival of the Resurrection Day. My father quoted on the authority of his father, on the authority of his forefathers, on the authority of Ali (s) who narrated that God’s Prophet (s) was asked, ’O Prophet of God! When shall the Riser who is from your progeny rise?’ The Prophet (s) replied, ‘The similitude of that is like the similitude of the Hour (of Resurrection), ‘None but He can reveal as to when it will occur. Heavy were its burden through the heavens and the earth. Only, all of a sudden will it come to you.’”

[vol 2, chapter 66, hadeeth 35]

the narration is inshallah authentic in sanad

here is the chain

حَدَّثَنا أَحمَد بن زياد بن جَعفَر الهمداني‏ رَضِىَ اللهُ عَنْهُ قالَ حَدَّثَنا عَلِيٍّ بن إِبراهِيم بن هاشِمٍ عَن أبِيهِ عَن عَبد السلام بن صالح الهروي قالَ سَمِعتُ دعبل بن عَلِيٍّ الخزاعي يَقُولُ

ahmad bin zaid bin jafar bin hamdani is thiqa

ali bin ibrahim needs no introduction,

and he always quotes from his father, who is also a narrator of kamil-uz-ziyarat, and khoi terms his ahadeeth sahih

abdus salam bin salih harwi is thiqa as well

debel bin ali khazai, for him tusi said that he was a man with famous eman and high status, and great glory.