ibn taimiyya writes in his minhaj that

كذلك قوله هو ولي كل مؤمن بعدي كذب على رسول الله صلى الله عليه و سلم بل هو في حياته و بعد مماته ولي كل مؤمن و كل مؤمن وليه في المحيا و الممات فالولاية التي هي ضد العداوة لا تختص بزمان

similarly as regards to the saying that he is the wali after me; it is a lie upon holy prophet as He was the wali of every momin in his life and after his death; and all momin/ believers are his wali in this life or after death; and wilayat here is the opposite of enemity which is not related to era

[minhaj us sunnah, vol 7, page 278]


but the problem is that holy prophet did say that ali is the wali after him and sunni scholars accepted this to be sahih

are they liars?

let us see

in other words, the logic used by ibn taimiyya is that since wali means friend, and friendship is not bounded by eras, therefore, the hadeeth is wrong

but the hadeeth has been termed sahih by many, and the logic of ibn taimiyya is also correct

so what does this mean?


here wali does not mean friendship

rather, it means what he was trying to hide 🙂

holy prophet left behind two caliphs, quran and ahlubait

and ali was the caliph after prophet