{research of brother syed hasni; and in urdu, it can be read here}

what he wrote in urdu is

حضرت عثمان نے بیت المال سے ایک لاکھھ درہم ناحق لئے اور اپنی اس بات پر علی بن جعد

قسم بھی کھاتے تھے

(تاریخ بغداد ، ج 13،ص286،وسندہ حسن

imam ali bin ja’ad said

uthman took one hundred thousand dirham from bait-ul-maal without his right; ibn jaad use to take oath on this

[tareekh baghdaad, vol 13, page 286, sanad hasan]

here are the scans from sair aalam nabala for ibn ja’ad

and we find his saying in this scan