{this is urdu article by brother syed hasni, i am translating it into english}

in fadail of mawia, it is only tirmidhi who made a chapter by the name of MANAQIB-E-MAWIA, and he presented this hadeeth in that

“o allah! make him a guide, guided, and spread guidance through him. this hadeeth is hasan ghareb”

[jami tirmidhi, vol 6, page 157, printed beirut]


dhabi and other scholars of rijal said that the narrator who narrated this hadeeth, there is difference of opinion about him being a companion of prophet, his name is abdur rehman bin abu umaira al mazni

[tareekh islam, vol 2, page 342]

ibn abdul bar, ibn hajar and ibn ather said that it is not proven that he was a companion or that he narrated from prophet

1-istiaab, vol 1, page 507

2-usud ul ghaba, vol 3, page 494

3- tehzeeb ut tehzeeb, vol 5, page 152

abu hatim razi said that he did not hear this from prophet asws

[al illal, 2601]

abdur rehman mobarakpuri also said like this

[tohfa tul ahozi, vol 10, page 341]


just imagine that if holy prophet asws prays for someone to be guide, what sort of guide he should be?

but when we look into the life of mawia, we see that it was totally contrary to that

his steps proves the fabrication of this hadeeth

for example

1- his rejection of the guided caliph

2-and then his fight against him

3-his murdering of hazrat ammar

4-his lame excuses to defend this act of killing of ammar

5-then his act of deception by using quran, and standing by that

6-his act of degrading of mola ali asws

7-his act of hiding the glories of mola ali asws from people of syria

8-his act of killing of hajar bin addi

and the list continues

just imagine a person undertaking these acts

can he be a source of guidance?

and then his act of appointment of yazeed, which was even termed “act of qaisar and kasra” by abdur rehman bin abu bakar, and when mawia tried to buy him over by sending him 100,000 dinar, he rejected it and said that i will not sell my faith for this world

1-al asaba, vol 4, page 276

2- al istiaab, vol1, page 497

3-mokhtasir tareekh damishq, vol 14, page 284

4-al bidaya wa nihaya, vol 8, page 129


tirmidhi graded it hasan ghareeb

however, the grading of tirmidhi has been criticized by many

for example dhabi says

scholars did not depend on tas’heeh(saying that it is sahih or authentic) of tirmidhi


“one should not be carried away by the grading (tahseen , ie, saying that hadeeth is hasan or praised) of tirmidhi”

[meezan ul atadal, vol 2, page 354 & vol 3, page 307]

similarly, ibn ul hamam who wrote the sharah/explanation of al-hidaya, famous hanafi book of fiqh, rejected the tas’heeh of tirmidhi

for example, he says

the hadeeth which says that a woman can marry in mehr for two shoes, is not sahih though tirmidhi said it is sahih

[fath ul qadeer, sharah al-hidaya, vol 2, page 436]

so, we see that scholars have rejected even ahadeeth termed sahih by tirmidhi


as per sanad and keeping ground realities of life history of mawia, we can easily see that this hadeeth is not correct

{please keep in mind that i have skipped many things mentioned by brother syed hasni, see the  link given above for that , though it is in urdu}