First of all, we see what is the meaning of Tadless;

In dictionary, it means that

“To hide the problem of One’s possessions from his customers”

{al Maujam al Waseet}

In technical terms of Ahadeeeth, it means

“If a narrator narrates a hadeeth with AN from someone other than his Sheikh in such a way that the reader presumes that he heard it from his Sheikh; it is called Tadless”

{see books on uloom ul hadeeth like Ikhtisaar Uloom ul Hadeeth by ibn Kather}

People have different opinions about the gravity of this hiding

For example

Shooba said that it is worse than adultery

{Jarah wa Tadeel, vol 1, page 173}

Similarly abu Usama and Jurair bin Hazam were against tadless

{al Kafaya, page 356}

Now coming to the main topic,

Shooba said that abu Huraira did tadlees

{Sair ul Aalam Nabala, vol 2, page 608 & Tareekh ibn Kather, vol 11, page 377}

Ibn kather mentions that abu Huraira would mix sayings of Holy Prophet asws with that of Kaab

Similarly Ibrahim Nakhai, who was a Thiqa Tabaai, said that our people did not take hadeeth from abu Huraira

{Tareekh vol11, page 377}

let us see the scans

scan from jarah wa tadeel


scans from sair aalam nabala



scan from ibn kather


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