sunni scholar mulla saad ud deen taftazani mentions saying of umar in his book SHARAH MAQASID

“there are three things which were there in the era of holy prophet asws, but i forbid it, and declared them haram; these are muta’a-tun-nisa, muta’a-tul-haj, and hayya ala khair ul amal”

[sharah maqasir, vol 3, page 512, printed beirut]

now, saad ud deen taftazani  explains “i am declaring them haram”  so he said “this saying of umar that i am making them haram means that i am giving the order of these being haram; and i believe that the reason for this is like that it is said that shafai said that when grapes are heated, the rest of juice is haram, where as abu hanifa said it is mubah”

[sharah maqasid, vol 3, page 513]

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what i quoted till here, is what is contributed by brother syed hasni in urdu over here

now, in this taftazani did try to save umar as well by saying that muta’a was made haram in the era of holy prophet; such attempts have been made to save umar without any doubt

since it is also present with sahih isnaad that umar did say that there were two muta’as in the era of holy prophet, and i am making them haram

but what taftazani quoted, also contained another saying; and it is HAYA ALA KHAIR UL AMAL

when did prophet asws forbid that?