shah abdul aziz, a famous sunni writer and monazir, writes in his book tohfa azizia

so there is a narration in jami tirmidhi about uthman that once people came to prophet so that he offers funeral of a person, but holy prophet did not offer it, nor others. so people asked for the reason, and prophet asws replied: he had grudge for uthman, so allah had grudge for him, that is, allah is not happy with him

[fatawa azizi; page 246]

tirmidhi says after quoting this hadeeth which has not been written by shah aziz

“this chain is ghareeb, we do not know it apart from this chain; and this mohammad bin ziad is student of maimoon bin mehran, and he is daif”

[jami tirmidhi, page 1014]

the sanad of this hadeeth is

حدثنا الفضل بن ابی طالب البغدادی وٍغیرہ واحد قالو: حدثنا عثمان بن زفر ، حدثنا محمد بن زیاد ، عن محمد بن عجلان ، عن ابی زبیر ، عن جابر ،قال

this mohammad bin ziad is highly charged with kadb/lies and fabrication

sunni scholars of rijal says

ahmad bin hanbal = daif, liar, fabricator of hadeeth

yahya bin moin = liar, he is nothing

abu zara = liar

bukhari and nisai = matrook ul hadeeth

[see tehzeeb ul kamal mizzi, vol 25, page 222-226]

albany also says it is fabricated hadeeth

[ see silsila ahadeeth daifia, vol 4, page 438 & daif tirmidhi, page 422]

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