we find that sunni great scholar ibn hazm writes about yazeed bin mawia and says

bayat of yazeed was done after the death of his father; his kuniyyat was abu khalid, imam hussein bin ali asws and abdullah bin zubair rejected to do his bayat; then imam  hussein left for kufa, and he was martyred before entering kufa, this was the third sad incident after the death of uthman, and fourth one after the martyrdom of umar, and a break in islam; because zulm/cruelty was declared in open on muslim with his martyrdom. and abdullah bin zubair went to mecca and took refuge in place of allah ;and resided there

yazeed sent his army towards madina and mecca which is the holy place of allah; so in the battle of hurra, those of mohajjirs and ansar who were left behind, they were killed; and this bad incident is also amongst the worst sad incidents of islam and break in it; because great muslim, remaining sahaba, and honorable tabaeen were openly killed in this; or caught and then martyred; horses of yazeedi army were there in the mosque of holy prophet; and in riad ul junnah, between the grave of holy prophet asws and his pulpit, they defecated and passed stools; no prayer was offered in these days

and there was none thre except saeed ul maseb; he did not leave mosque at all; and had amro bin uthman bin afan and marwan bin hakam not given testimony to muslim bin uqba [leader of army] that he is mad, he would have killed him too; and he too compelled people to do bayat on this condition that they are slave of yazeed bin mawia, whether he sells them or frees them and when a person said that we will do bayat on this condition that we will do bayat on the basis of quran and sunnah; he was ordered to be killed, and he was captured and then killed; this sinner muslim bin uqba insulted islam very much; there was looting in madina for three days; sahaba of holy prophet asws were insulted and maltreated; their houses were robbed,

and then this army surrounded mecca; and stoned house of allah with manjaneeqs; and this was done under the supervision of hasen bin namer by the armies of syria; and this was because the sinner ibn uqba died after three days of battle of harra; and now the leader was hasen bin namer, and allah caught yazeed in the same manner like he, the owner of power and glory,  catches other; so he died after time of less then three months and more than two months (that is between 2 and 3 months); and yazeedi army returned from mecca; yazeed died on 15 rabi ul awal, 64 hijri, his age was just above 30; his mother was maisoon bint bajdal kalbia, the era of his rule was 3 years, 8 months and a few days

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