in this post, we will review the fact that if muslim was a mudalis who would hide things or not

we will give u scans; and then the decision lies with you to decide who is the one hiding
having said this, first i ll like to say that we do know that ayesha had grudge for mola ali asws as u all know

and i had written an article on this with the help of brother syed hasni, and hasan molai

so, i ll like to quote a few example to show my point

first let us see this

this is what was shared by brother syed hasni

it is from tabaqaat ibn saad, vol 2,page 205; where we find that abbass ayesha said that holy prophet asws came with two men; and ayesha said that one of them was fadal bin abbas, and then the narrator went to ibn abbas and asked him as to who was the other one; and he said it was ali asws

and he clearly said: ayesha never gets happy with any glory of ali asws

so let us see this particular saying in this scan



now, if u see the chain, it goes like this

ahmad bin hajaj————abdullah bin mobarak—————-MOAMAR and younas—————-ZUHRI————-UBAIDULLAH BIN ABDULLAH=

See the names in capital; and keep in mind

now, this is what i wish to present

it is from mosanif abdur raziq, and it is vol 5, page 428, narration 9754,and here the chain of abd ur raziq to zuhri is mentioned

and the narration which we will quote is from page 429,

and then on page 430, we find that sentence also present in tabaqat

let us see scans





on page 428, you see the chain, it is like this


so, this is the chain of abdur raziq to zuhri; and then from ZUHRI onwards, we see on page 429

that is


now, here we see that hazrat abbas said that ayesha cannot bear anything good about ali asws

and it also comes in tabaqat

but, i am interested in this chain


let us see the chain of muslim

he says:-


if u see the chain clearly
it is like this

muslim————- mohammad bin rafi’i AND abd bin hameed (so he took it from two thiqa narrators)——————ABDUR RAZIQ—————MOAMAR—————-ZUHRI————-UBAIDULLAH BIN ABDULLAH

And see the page 222

you dont find anything about

ibn  abbass saying what is there in the original book of abdur raziq

what do u call this ya nawasib? who is doing tadless here?

abd bin hameed? mohammad bin rafii? or muslim?