in this post of ours, we will highlight another blunder,

let us pay attention to hadeeth from sahih ibn khuzaima, vol 3

plz keep in mind that there is a mistake in this version of sahih ibn khuzaima

i dont know if it is from publisher or what

but the narration no. is 2167

but, when result of albani’s research is mentioned, it is 2168

but it is actually 2167;

and i ll prove it for u

for that u just keep in mind the chain mentioned, and also he said that in ibn haban, it is narration no. 941

i have highlighted it with blue


albani terms it hasan

let us now pay attention to how he negates the authenticity of this chain

he said in his silsila ahadeeth daifia, vol 3


he terms it daif

[for rechecking that it is actually 2167, see that in this scan we can see that he is referring to 2167 of khuzaima; and at the same time, he is referring to ibn haban’s 941 again:- as i said before, i dont know if that is a mistake by the publisher or what]