let us turn our attention to sheikh albani’s opinion in arwa ghaleel, vol 1, page 77-79

he writes on page 77

he has presented a hadeeth, and i have underlined what i would like to mention in this post next

but the important thing is that he takes this hadeeth as SAHIH

not sahih in sanad; rather he termed it SAHIH [that is, both sanad and matan]

now, he continues talking about it, and then says on page 79

now, he clarifies that there is no iztirab/restlessness in this hadeeth, neither in the sanad nor in matan

and he says that it has been termed HASAN by TIRMIDHI, and SAHIH by IBN HABAN


let us pay attention to what he wrote in mishkat

here, we see that he presents the hadeeth of tirmidhi; and i specifically said about him because he presented the TEHSEEN (saying hasan)  of him as a proof before in the last reference;

now, he said that tirmidhi said it is hasan; and then said that most of people of knowledge did not act on it;

and at the end he says:-

” the summary of this all saying is that this hadeeth is MUZTARIB/restless both in sanad and matan (chain and topic)”


i mean, he is terming the matan muztarib here; and said that it is not muztarib in the last reference

what do u call this ????????????