albani termed a hadeeth from mishkat, vol 3, page 1738 “daif”

but as if it was not enough, he included this very hadeeth in his silsila ahadeeth sahihiyya; vol 3, page 229, narration 1227

1227 – ( صحيح )
[ حسين مني وأنا من حسين أحب الله من أحب حسينا حسين سبط من الأسباط ] . ( صحيح )

[silsila ahadeeth sahihiyya, vol 3, page 229]

if anyone read mishkat, he would take it for granted that this hadeeth is daif;

though this hadeeth comes from yala bin marra with two chains

and the chain of tirmidhi is termed hasan by tirmidhi

there is saeed bin rashid in this chain; and he is thiqa as per ibn haban; and also termed maqbool by ibn hajar

2301- سعيد ابن أبي راشد مقبول من الثالثة ت ق

what i cannot understand is that albani accepted tautheeq of ibn haban; and even turned down grading of ibn hajar in this post

but, despite the fact that he knew of the other chain for it as well

which he termed jayyad in his silsila ahadeeth sahihiya,

why did he not mention that in mishkat?

why did he not accept tautheeq of ibn haban here, when it comes to the glories of ahlubait asws?