mufti shafi uthmani writes in his tafsir

It is commonly held that ‘Azar is the name of Sayyidna Ibrahim’s
father while most historians give his name as Tarakh and identify
‘Azar as his title. Imam al-Razi and a group of early scholars hold that
Tarakh was the name of Sayyidna Ibrshim’s father and ‘Azar was the
name of his uncle. After becoming a minister of Nimrud, his uncle,
‘Azar had become a polytheist
. Since calling an uncle as father is common
in Arab usage, ‘Azar has been named here as Sayyidna Ibrahim’s
In Sharh al-Mawahib, Zarqani has reported several proofs to
this effect.


1-maarif-ul-quran, english translation, vol 3, page 396

2-maarif ul quran, urdu translation, vol 3, page 379

let me share the scans from urdu version