he writes

“there is debate about wilayat takwiniyya of aimmah asws; and there have been people who have increased upon it; and others who have decreased upon it; and some others who have opted for the middle path, that is, sirat-e-mustaqeem

those from the first group, they acted foolishly and when they saw the miracles, glories and those acts which are supernatural, from these personalities, they gave them such characteristics which are not worthy of prophets are ausia

some said they are god

other said they are son of god

and some said they are partners with god

so in short, they took them out of domains of being slave and created to that of master and creators; and they consider them to be steadfast in effect (that means that they are independent of allah in their effects)

but the reality is that the lights of what they saw, blinded them; and they did not had the intellect to realize/comprehend; they are on path of ignorance and misguidance; they have burnt themselves with the light which is used for guidance

this group is called ghalis;; prophets and aimmah asws have cursed them the most and stayed away from them; they considered them mushriks

second group is the one who negated wilayat-e-takwiniyya even after the miracles, glories and those acts which are supernatural; they consider them just like themselves and do not believe that there is any difference between them;

this group calls this attitude of not accepting the realities and rejecting them as “RESEARCH” ; though they are not researchers and are not even capable of understanding the reaities; rather their dirty minds have blinded them; and they are not able to grasp the truth.

they are such blinded people who have raised the slogan of knowledge against realities; and given a proof for their stubbornness; and what they cannot reject at all, they start giving different excuses for it

so the summary so far is;

the first group rejected the realities due to weakness in intellect

and they have done so due to their dirty hearts

[page 22-24]

he then continues and says about this second group on the same page

“they people present their false beliefs in the name of “in dept research”

they gather some ignorant around themselves

and they think that they have found a treasure and are unaware of their own ignorance

some ignorants start favoring them so that they do not lag behind; and they call this open mindedness

and consider others fools; though it is these people who are actually so

[page 24-25]

then he writes about the third group

“third group belongs to those who are on the true path; these are those who accept prophet and aimmah asws “slave of allah” as per the logic of quran and sunnah; they (prophets and aimmah)  have been given knowledge by allah; and they are his caliphs; they have been created for the sake of guidance; they have wilayat-e-takwini on all possible acts; that is, they can interfere with things without even presence of natural resources

give vision to blind; cure to diseases; life to dead

time and space is no binding upon them; they are aware of the cause and time of their and others death;

but this all is given to them from allah; and they do not have personal steadfastness in this regard

they are never forgetful of the remembrance of allah; and can not even think of deviating from HIS path; they spend their lives as per the constitution of allah even if they have to face loads of problems;  they do not err in their acts even in minor terms

so in short, they have nothing of their own; but due of the greatness of allah and his mercy; they are free in their actions; they can interfere due to wilayat tafeed ilahiya in possible acts;

[page 28-30]

REFERENCE:- wilayat-e-imam aur ilm-e-ghaib; written by ayatullah udhma syed hasan hujjat koh kamri, translated to urdu by azad hussein; published by idara minhaj saliheen, lahore