we have already presented an authentic chain for this before; here is another one

we find in ziarat-e-jamia, mentioned by sheikh sudooq

بأبي أنتم و أمي و نفسي و أهلي و مالي من أراد الله بدأ بكم و من وحده قبل عنكم و من قصده توجه إليكم موالي لا أحصي ثناءكم و لا أبلغ من المدح كنهكم و من الوصف قدركم و أنتم نور الأخيار و هداة الأبرار و حجج الجبار بكم فتح الله و بكم يختم و بكم ينزل الغيث و بكم يمسك السماء أن تقع على الأرض إلا بإذنه و بكم ينفس الهم و بكم يكشف الضر و عندكم ما ينزل به رسله و هبطت به ملائكته

My father, mother, children, possessions and myself are at your disposal; whosoever desires nearness to Allah in fact makes a beginning with you; whosoever professes the Unity of Allah in fact takes after you; whosoever moves towards Him has to turn to you; O my masters! I cannot count and mention your merits; I am unable to come up to the height where your true appreciation can be enjoyed; and your real class can be determined; You are the light of the virtuous; The guides of the pious ones; The claims of the Omnipotent ; Through You Allah opens ; And through You,He seals; Through You He sent down abundant and far-spread rain; Through You the sky prevents itself from falling down over the earth unless He permits; Through You He drives away troubles and dismisses hardships; With You is that with which His Messengers came down; And with which His Angels descended


1- man la yahdaral faqih, vol 2, page 615

2- ayoon akhbar-ur-raza, vol 2, page 276


a number of scholars have accepted the authenticity of this ziarat, and amongst them are

  1. allama baqir majlisi
  2. sheikh ahmad ahsai
  3. syed abdullah shabar
  4. sheikh abbas qummi (compiler of mofateeh ul janan)
  5. hussein shakari
  6. sheikh namazi shahrodi
  7. ayatullah syed adil alawi
  8. syed ali sistani
  9. sheikh nasir makarim shirazi
  10. sheikh yousaf saanei
  11. sheikh ul azam murtaza ansari
  12. syed sadiq rohani
  13. syed sadiq shirazi
  14. syed kazim hairi
  15. sheikh hurr amili
  16. sheikh jawad karbalai
  17. syed yasin al mosvi
  18. allama shaarani
  19. syed baqir ul hakim
  20. syed mohsin amin amili
  21. syed mohammad hussein milani
  22. sheikh mohammad hamood amili
  23. mohammad shahroodi
  24. syed abdul kareem mosvi ardbaili
  25. syed haidar hasni
  26. syed ali hussini sadr
  27. syed jalal mosvi
  28. syed ali barojardi

and many others, as have been listed by brother hasan ul alawi here

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