let me share this narration from masnad imam ahmad,
and it will act as an eye opener for those who try to deceive people that they enjoyed really good relations

let us see

a man came to zubair, and told him

“should i kill ali ?”

he replied

“no, and how can u kill him as he has a huge army”

so he said

“then you should go and have a fight with him in regards to caliphate”

he said

“faith has chained fighting, so momin is not fighting”

[masnad imam ahmad, urdu version, vol 1, page 583, narration 1426 & 1427]

the narration is repeated on page 585 in the same volume

sheikh shoaib ul arnawit says

” sahih, narrators are narrators of sheikhain except mubarak”

[vol 3, page 41]

sheikh ahmad shakir says

“isnaad sahih”

[vol 2, page 201]

see carefully,
and be honest,
if you enjoy good relations with someone
the sort of what is portrayed by sunnis
tell me honestly, what will be your response if someone tells u that i want to kill him?
i mean you should get angry, right?
but look at him; he is thinking more about the one who was intending for the murder

but what is more important in this narration is his last saying

“faith has chained fighting, so momin is not fighting”


reminds me of jamal and siffen

do ponder on it..