contributed by brother syed hasni along with scans here

ibn taimiyya is such a person whom allah has disgraced, blinded, made deaf, and insulted. and this has been explained by those imams who have talked about his lies, and false beliefs. whosoever wishes to know about him, he should read the likes of imam abu hasan sabki mujtahid, whose imamat, glory, honor and him being a mujtahid is agreed upon; and his son and sheikh imam az ud deen bin jamaa; and the writings of those from malakia, shafaiyya, and hanafia who were there in his era; ibn taimiyya did not object only on sufis, but also criticized people like umar and ali asws; in short; his sayings havve no worth; rather that should be thrown, and it should be made belief that he is bidaati, misguided, ignorant, and exaggerant. allah should deal him with his justice; and should save us from his beliefs and acts, amin

REF:- al fatawa ul hadeethia, ibn hajar makki, page 156, printed pakistan