let us see another interesting fact from the book musnad imam ahmad; urdu translation and that is explained by the title of the thread

first, we see scans

now, we see what molvi zafar iqbal, the urdu translator says

“the third condition is that the narrator should not be involved in innovation (bidaat) or calling to that
so imam did not take narrations from those who insulted sahaba and in the same way from qudria or marajia; in the same way, he did not take narrations from the students of imam abu hanifa; though imam took ilm-e-hadeeth from them and he did not do jarah on them. in our view the reason for this is that misunderstanding which got developed between imam abu hanifa and people, and people were still believing that, and that was his going for qayas; rather a step ahead from that, that is, preferring qayas over hadeeth…….”

[musnad imam ahmad, vol 1, page 32-33]