he said in his tafir

even if this surah is not revealed for these personalities, it does not affect their status, as their inclusion in the great status is not only evident, rather foremost; they are what they are

what can one say about them except that ali asws is mola of momineen and prophet’s WASI, and fatima is part of prophet and her beloved, and hasan and hussein are the spirit and flowers (or prophet) and chief of young men of paradise; and there is no part of rifd in it; rather what is said other than this, that is misguidance;

i am a man of truth, and not a man of personal desires
may the curse of allah be on cursed ones and people of desires

do today ahlusunnah accept that ali asws is the WAASI of holy prophet? do they have the same aqeeda?

[tafsir rooh ul maani, allama aloosi, vol 29, page 158, printed beirut]

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with all thanks to brother syed hasni