in quran, allah spoke about the kingdom of sulaiman asws

we find in surat un naml,

16.    وَوَرِثَ سُلَيْمَانُ دَاوُودَ ۖ وَقَالَ يَا أَيُّهَا النَّاسُ عُلِّمْنَا مَنْطِقَ الطَّيْرِ وَأُوتِينَا مِنْ كُلِّ شَيْءٍ ۖ إِنَّ هَٰذَا لَهُوَ الْفَضْلُ الْمُبِينُ

[Yusuf Ali] And Solomon was David’s heir. He said: “O ye people! we have been taught the speech of Birds, and on us has been bestowed (a little) of all things: this is indeed Grace manifest (from Allah).”

17.    وَحُشِرَ لِسُلَيْمَانَ جُنُودُهُ مِنَ الْجِنِّ وَالْإِنْسِ وَالطَّيْرِ فَهُمْ يُوزَعُونَ

[Yusuf Ali] And before Solomon were marshalled his hosts― of Jinns and men and birds, and they were all kept in order and ranks.

as the translator yusuf ali said:- bestowed (a little) of all things

this reminds me of this narration from tafsir saafi, urdu translation, vol 1, page 176-177, tafsir of surah baqara, verse 55-57:-

…..they said that we wont accept that it is the order of your lord, till that time when we don’t see him with our own eyes, and he informs us himself, and then thunder took them; and musa asws asked those who survived if they accept it or they would like to go along with these people who had died;

they replied that they don’t know what these people went through, and asked musa to ask his lord by wasila of mohammad and his pure progeny (peace be upon them all) to give them life again so that we can ask them why it happened what had happened to them.

So musa asws prayed and allah gave them life again; and when they were asked, they replied

“after our death, we saw the kingdom of our lord in the skies, veils, throne, heaven and hell; but in all these areas, we did not see anyone whose orders were implemented except the order of mohammad, ali, Fatima, hasan, and Hussein, and we did not see any other authority like this;when we died because of that thunder, and we were moving to hell, so mohammad and ali asws told those angels to stop that punishment, because they had been given life again due to that prayer….

[tafsir saafi, mohsin faid kashani, urdu translation by syed talmeez hussein, vol 1, page 176-177, tafsir of surah baqara, verse 55-57; published by idara nashar danish, new jersy, USA]