Let us see another interesting fact from the book Musnad imam Ahmad; urdu translation and that is explained by the title of the thread.

Translator of the book, Molvi Zafar Iqbal says

“In the same way, Imam Ahmad said about Yahya bin Maeen that if he is not aware of a Hadeeth, it is not a Hadeeth. But when he started believing in creation of Quran, and could not bear the hardships from the court of caliphate, Imam stopped narrating from him. There is only one narration in the Musnad and that was included by his son. Imam did not take narration from him in Musnad”

[ Musnad imam Ahmad, urdu version, vol 1, page 32]

Now, Question arises: Can we say that Great Scholar of Rijal, Ibn Maeen, He was Matrook as per Ahmad bin Hanbal?

Also, Ahmad bin Hanbal did not include His Narrations in Musnad, rather His son added these. So Is it actually Musnad of Imam Ahmad???

Let us see scans