let us see the snap shot of what we find in musnad ahmad, vol 2

here it is

“ibn abbas said that a beautiful lady would offer prayer behind holy prophet asws; due to which some of the people would try to find place in the front rows so that they can avoid looking at that girl; and some of them would try to find place in the last rows so that when they are doing ruko’o, they can look at her through armpits; upon this the verse revelaed that “we know of you who try to move ahead, and who try to stay behind”

[musnad ahmad, urdu translation, vol 2, page 287, narration 2784]

sheikh shoaib may have tried to weaken


as we can see,

ibn khuzaima termed it sahih

albani termed it sahih
[sahih tirmidhi, vol 3, page 264, kitab tafsir, chapter 16 tafsir of surat ul hijr, narration 3122]
{translator has mentioned nisai and ibn maja as well, however, i just checked tirmidhi, and that is why i gave complete reference for that}

sheikh ahmad shakir termed it sahih sanad
[musnad ahmad, vol 2, page 236-237]

some scans for this narration can be seen here