this is the english translation of this thread of brother khair talab

ihsan ilahi zaheer is one most beloved of nawasib, and they leave no space in glorifying him; he wrote books against shias, and his points have been answered, in this post of mine, i will expose two of his lies which should act as eye openers for his lovers


he said

“one of the beliefs of shias which have been invented by abdullah bin saba and jews, it is the concept of bada, and this means forgetfullness of ignorance of allah”

[al shia wa sunnah, page 53, printed by idara tarjuman sunnah, lahore, pakistan]


we ask this thing from his lover as to when was this definition of bada accepted by shias? shias believe in bada, but that means that allah reveals what is hidden from mankind before

LIE no. 2

he said

“that is why 8th imam of shias ali bin musa asws, whom shias call as RAZA, when he was asked about the narration of holy prophet asws that my companions are like stars, whomsoever you follow, you will find guidance; and also when he was asked about the narration that do not say anything about my companions; he had replied it is sahih”

[al shia wa ahlubait, page 40]


this nasibi cheated by not quoting the next part of this narration since that would have exposed him; since imam asws explained whom the companions actually were to whom these narrations were pointing

let us see the next part of this narration from ayoon akhbar, by sudooq

“imam asws explained that it means those honest/ companions who did not change the religion and did not do bidaah after his death
he was asked as to how would we know that they did not change the religion
imam asws said that a few people will be brought on the day of judgment and will be taken to hell, and prophet asws would say that o lord! they are my companions’
so he will be told that you do not know what new things they invented in sharia for which they are taken to hell;
so he will say that death should be for him who has changed the religion; so now do you know that of companions who did not change or do bidaah in relgion”

[ayoon akhbar ur raza, sheikh sudooq, vol 1, page 93; bihar ul anwaar, vol 28, page 19]

we presented just two which should serve as eye openers