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i am translating the work by brother adeel,,

abu bakar mohammad bin abdullah faqih mailiki says that he heard abu bakar bin abu daood sajistani, that he told his students: what do you say about an issue where imam malik and his students, imam shafai and his students, imam oazai and his students, hasan bin salih and his students,sufian thuri and his students, imam ahmad bin hanbal and his students; agree in totality? they replied: there can be nothing more correct regarding that; so upon this, abu bakar bin abu daood said: they all agreed on abu bakar being misguided

[tareekh baghdaad, vol 15, page 527]

imam bukhari narrates from his teacher that mohammad bin muslimawas asked that what was the reason that abu hanifa went to all cities but he could not enter madina; so he replied: there is a hadeeth of holy prophet asws that plague and dajjal wont enter madina, and he is one of the dajjals

[tareekh baghdaad, vol 15, page 544]

this is also there in tareekh kabeer by bukhari, vol 1, page 759

imam malik said that there is no birth in islam which has damaged islam more that abu hanifa

[tareekh baghdad, vol 15, page 545]

similarly on this page we find

imam malik said that the fitna of abu hanifa had been more that that of iblees

[tareekh baghdad, vol 15, page 545]