we find in tareekh ibn khaldoon

“she was martyred by marwan and his family because she would oppose him; he invited her by giving her a false invitation for dinner, and he dig a hole and filled that with lancers, swords and knifes, and laid a false top on it; and when she came, he made her sit there, and when she sat, she fell down, she was old and weak, she got such injuries that she could not sustain, she was amongst the most loved wives of prophet asws, He would call her humaira with love

[tareekh ibn khaldoon, part 2, page 506-507, printed by nafees academy, karachi]

this is also mentioned in another book, tareekh islam, molvi akbar shah najeeb abadi, vol 1, page 592

we also find in another book that it was actually mawia who had done this to her; and this should not surprise anyone for he had also killed many other sahaba; we find syed khaleel sabri writing in his book “mola and mawia”

“…. to the extent that mawia did not even regard ayesha; and just on her this saying that o mawia! whom are u following by making yazeed next ruler; he buried her alive, and this is explained in my book qaul-e-faisal”

[mola aur mawia, syed khaleel sabri, page 407]

for urdu speaking brothers, this is a video which speaks about it

for english speaking brothers, this is a video on this issue