famous scholar of rijal, hussein saleem asad durani tried to cheat his readers when he posed that the narration “hadeeth-e-thaqalyn” comes with sahih sanad in muslim, and abu yala;

with the wordings of kitabullah and sunnati

he lied this in his research on the book musnad hameedi, vol 1, page 11, foot note 5

he mentioned that the narration from sahih muslim, vol 4, page 216, book fadail us sahaba, narration 2408
from musnad aby yala, vol 2, page 297, narration 1021; and page 376, narration 1140
have the similar wordings; that is, book of allah and sunnah of prophet asws

but actually, this is an open lie

let us see the proofs

this is his lie in musnad hameedi

but the narration from muslim actually speaks of ahlubait, and not sunnah

here it is

and this is the narration of musnad abu yala, speaking of ahlubait