Let us see what Qari Faizi writes


While doing Takhreej of Narrations of Khasais-e-Ali, I came across these words numerous times with the names of Ahlubait in a number books of Hadeeth, and since We Ahlusunnah do not use it with names of “Other than Prophets”, I was surprised but I ignored it till I saw these words with the name of Bibi Fatima asws in Bukhari and other books of Sihah, So this came to my mind that I will explain it at some time; and when these words came in Khasais-e-Ali, so I thought to explain it in a few lines over here

We Ahlusunnah generally think that using these words with the names of Ahlubait is a sign of Shia’at, and even I had this opinion, but when I saw this on so many occasion our books, I was compelled to think that this is neither Shia attitude nor term, so let me first show a few examples where these words have been used; and then I ll talk of its acceptance or non-acceptance; InshAllah

[Khasais-e-ali, page 712]

Then Qari Faizi gives examples from

1- sahih Bukhari
2- sahih Musilm
3- sunan Tirmidhi
4- sunan Ibn Maja
5- musnad Imam Ahmad
6- Atraf ul Gharaib, by imam Darqutni
7- Ahya uloom Deen, by Ghazali
8- Majma uz Zawaid, by Hafiz Haithmi
9- ibn Jauzi’s Sift-us-Sifwat
10- ibn Jauzi’s Manaqib Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal
11- A‘alam ul Moqa’een an Rab ul Aalameen, ibn Qayyam

After this He again gives heading


Hafiz ibn Hajar and His student imam Sakhawi etc had explained the rule that

“AZZAWAJAL” is used for Allah;
“SALA ULLAHO ALI WASALAM” for Holy Prophet asws
“ALIHISALAM” for other Prophets
“RADIULLAH” for Sahaba and Tabai’i
“RAHMATULLAH” for other Aolia of Allah

But even these have used this with names of Ahlubait


So what is important to note is that those who have copied this rule, even they have used it, so it informs us that these scholars of ahlusunnah considered Ahlubait EXCEPTED from this rule; and why should it not be when “Sending Salam” is a requirement from Sharai’i point of view; and these people are in reality a part of Prophethood; as there are a number of Sahih Ahadeeth which are a proof on it; and in one narration, it comes with PLURAL FORM that

انهم مني و انا منمم

(They are from Me, and I am from Them)

Complete Hadeeht is like this

Wathila bin Asq’a says that when Holy Prophet asws collected Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Hussein under the cloak, so He prayed

“O Allah! no doubt, you revealed your Salawat, mercy/rehmat, forgiveness/maghfirat, acceptance/raza on Ibrahim and His progeny; O Allah! no doubt, these (who are under the cloak) are from me, and I am from them; so reveal your salawat, rehmat, and raza on me and on them”

{Istijlab Irtaqa al Gharf, vol 2, page 448;; Jawahir ul Aqdain page 197;; al Qaul ul Badi’i; page 123-124}

So saying and writing Alihisalam with their names is actually saying salam and salawat on the Prophet asws, This is because they are from HIM and HE is from them; that is why imam Ahmad, Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi; Nisai, ibn Maja, Darqutni, Hakim, ibn Saad, Ghazali, ibn Jauzi, Mohib ud Deen Tibri, ibn Qayyam, Hafiz Haithmi, ibn Hajar Asqalani and Sakhawi etc have used it without any problem; and they are not Shia like that of today

[Khasais-e-Ali;translation, takhreej, research and explanation by Qari Zahoor Ahmad Faizi, page 716-717, printed by Maktaba Bab-ul-Ilm, Lahore, first print 1430 hijri]