here is the name

Abū ʻAbdillāh Muḥammad ibn Yazīd Ibn Mājah al-Rabʻī al-Qazwīnī (Arabic: ابو عبد الله محمد بن يزيد بن ماجه الربعي القزويني‎), (824 CE/209 AM—887/273)

now, as per the researcher molvi qasim amin, who translated his sunan to urdu, he did get time with famous scholars of rijal like

1-nisai, who died 30 years after his death;
2-muslim; when muslim died, his age was 54
3- bukhari; when bukhari died, his age was 37
4- yahya bin moin; when bin moin died, his age was 34
5- tirmidhi; tirmidhi died 6 years after his death
6-abu daood died two years after his death

[sunan nisai, urdu translation, vol 1, page 10]

what is more interesting is the fact that i could not find anyone from these big guns doing his tautheeq………

rather as molvi qasim amin accepted

“the life of ibn maja is in veils; especially nothing is known about his childhood; but presumption/qayas is that as per normal routine, he would have started his education in childhood; and that he would have read quran in the beginning; and later when he would have reached the stage of understanding, he would have started paying attention to listening of hadeeth”

[sunan nisai, urdu translation, vol 1, page 10]

then he further says

“qazween due to which he was known as qazweenni, it was his birth place and living place; when he opened his eyes, it had become a university for ilm-ul-hadeeth; and there were great scholars here; it is natural that he would have started seeking knowledge of hadeeth from here”

[sunan nisai, urdu translation, vol 1, page 10-11]

now, if you note, he has presented just his presumptions about him

coming to his authenticity

as we have seen, that he did live in the era of scholars of rijal
rather some of them died after him

interestingly, none of them said anything about his tautheeq

and the one who did that was one who was not from mutaqadameen/past scholars

in sair ul aalam nabala, we find

قال أبو يعلى الخليلي : هو ثقة كبير ، متفق عليه

[online link for sair ul alam]

so, it is just abu yala khaleeli who termed him thiqa

but what about him?
he died in year 446
as mentioned by dhabi in sair ul alam

توفي أبو يعلى بقزوين في آخر سنة ست وأربعين وأربعمائة

[online link for sair ul aalam]

he belongs to 23rd tabqa as said by dhabi

and as regards to ibn maja, he was just from 15th tabqa; and as already said, he died in year 273 hijri

now, those who lived in his era, they did not say anything; none of the scholars from pasts (motaqadameen) said anything

rather, as albany said

فهذا ابن حزم مثلا لا يعرف الترمذي و ابن ماجه و لا كتابيهما ! و قد تبين لي أن الحافظ عبد الحق الإشبيلي مثله في ذلك

[online link from his website]

“ibn hazm did not know about tirmidhi and ibn maja, and thier books; and i found that hafiz abdul haq shibli said the same”

as regards to hafiz shibli, we find in sair ul alam;

ذكره الحافظ أبو عبد الله البلنسي الأبار ، فقال : كان فقيها ، حافظا ، عالما بالحديث وعلله ، عارفا بالرجال

[online link for sair]

and ibn hazm, well dhabi said about him

الامام العلامة الحافظ الفقيه المجتهد أبو محمد على بن احمد بن سعيد ابن حزم

having all this in our mind
do we have any tautheq for ibn maja from past scholars of rijal? or is he majhool?