translated from research of brother hasan molai

opinion of bukhari was mentioned by sakhasi hanfi in his book “al mabsoot”; and he said that his opinion was the if someone drinks the milk from same cow, then there is hurmat (that is marriage wont take place) and that was the reason he was forced out of bukhara

here is what he wrote

ولو أن صبيين شربا من لبن شاة أو بقرة لم تثبت به حرمة الرضاع ؛ لأن الرضاع معتبر بالنسب ، وكما لا يتحقق النسب بين آدمي وبين البهائم فكذلك لا تثبت حرمة الرضاع بشرب لبن البهائم وكان محمد بن إسماعيل البخاري صاحب التاريخ رضي الله عنه يقول تثبت الحرمة وهذه المسألة كانت سبب إخراجه من بخارى

and if two children drink milk from same cow or goat, hurmat due to drinking milk is not proven; and that is proven through equality; and since it is not proven that man and animal can be compared therefore hurmat is not proven if milk of animal is consumed; and mohammad bin ismail al bukhari; author of history, he said that hurmat is proven and it was this reason he was expelled from bukhara

[al mabsoot, vol 34, page 199]