sheikh albani mentions in his silsila ahadeeth-e-sahihiya

حسين مني و أنا من حسين ، أحب الله من أحب حسينا ، حسين سبط من الأسباط

hussein asws is from me, and i am from him; allah loves who loves hussein; hussein is one of my grandsons

[silsila ahadeeth sahihiya, vol 3, page 229, narration 1227] SCAN CAN BE SEEN HERE

sheikh albani has included this narration in his sahih tirmidhi as well; and termed it HASAN

[sahih sunan tirmidhi, vol 3, page 539, narration 3775] SCAN CAN BE SEEN HERE

and he also mentioned it in his sahih ibn maja, and termed it HASAN

[sahih ibn maja, vol 1, page 65, narration 144] SCAN CAN BE SEEN HERE