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This is the state the Wahabis reached, constant defense of the tyrants and the killers and their approval of striking the Holy Kabaa with a catapult!!! Here o siblings is the proof of that…

Book: Al-Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Al-Thaqafi (Rahamahullah) Al-Muftara ‘Alayh
Author: Dr.Mahmoud Zaidah


ولا بأس في نظرنا أن ينصب المنجنيق على الحرم من ناحيتين إحداهما شرقية والأخرى غربية والجبلان على مسافة تكاد تكون متساوية من الحرم.

وسواء أرمى الحجاج الكعبة ذاتها أم الزيادة التي زادها ابن الزبير فقد كان يعمل مضطراً مكروهاً

There is no objection in our opinion that a catapult is built on the sacred mosque from two sides one eastern and the other western and the two mountains on a distance which is almost the same as the (size of the)
sacred mosque.

And likewise Al-Hajjaj striked the Kaaba or the extra which Ibn Al-Zubayr added as he was forced to .

This wahabi even defends Al-Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Al-Thaqafi Allah damn him… He sees no harm in striking the sacred house of Allah with a catapult!!