We find

“ayesha said that once holy prophet asws went away from me in the night, and I felt jealous, so when he returned, he saw me and said:

o ayesha! You got jealous;

I said: why wont a women like me get jealous for a husband like you?

He said: your satan got control of you;

I said: is there a satan with me?

He said: yes,

I asked: is it with every one?

He replied: yes;

I asked: and with you?

He said: yes but my lord helped me and he turned muslim”


1- musnad imam ahmad, urdu, vol 11, page 232, narration 25357

2- sahih muslim, page 1512, narration 2815

as per translator molvi zafar iqbal, this narration has been authenticated by muslim, ibn khuzaima, ibn haban and hakim as can be seen in the under lined part