grand maraja, syed shahroudi, when asked about wilayat-e-takwiniyya, replied


الجواب  :القائل بالولاية التكوينية لايدّعي انّ الانبياء والائمة يتصرّفون في الكون بقدرتهم الذاتية وبالاستقلال  ، واذا كان في القرآن مايدل على انهم لايملكون شيئاً فمعناه انهم بدون ارادة الله ومشيته وقدرته لايملكون شيئاً  ، ولكن لا مانع من ان يتصرفوا في الكون بالقدرة التي اودعها الله تعالى فيهم لكن لا على نحو الاستقلال بل بارادة الله تعالى ، فالله تعالى مَنَحَهُم هذه القدرة فيقولون للشيء كن فيكون  ، لكن بارادة الله  ، ومع وجود هذه القدرة فيهم لا يتمكّنون من اعمالها الاّ بامر من الله تعالى وارادته  ، ومن الذي قال ان الله تعالى لابُدَّ ان يباشِرَ بنفسه ادارة نظام الكون والحال انّه يقول (والمدّبرات امراً) (1)وقد جعل الله تعالى نظام العليّة والمعلولية وسيلةً لصدور كثير من الاشياء في الكون  ، وقد قيل بهذا الصدّد (اَبى الله ان يُجري الامور إلاّ بأسبابها) ، والمتتبع للايات القرآنية والروايات والحوادث التاريخية يجد نماذج كثيرة من خوارق العادات والمعجزات صدرت على يد الانبياء والاوصياء وبقدرتهم وارادتهم بحيث يعجز عنها غيرهم وقد نسب القرآن احياء الموتى وابراء الاكمه والابرص الى نبيّه عيسى بن مريم (عليه السلام)حيث قال (واذ تبرأ الاكمه والابرص باذني واذ تحيي الموتى باذني) (2)وقول آصف بن برخيا (اَنا اتيك به قبل ان يرتَدَّ اليك طرفُك)(3)مع انّه كان له علم من الكتاب  ، فكيف بمن عنده علم الكتاب كلِّه ونسبة الفعل الى الشخص ظاهرة في انه هو الفاعل حقيقة وانّه صدر الفعل منه بقدرته وقوّته  ، نعم اَذِنَ الله تعالى له في ذلك بان اعطاه الله القدرة عليه  ، فليس معناه انّه دعا الله تعالى فاَحيى الله الموتى استجابةً لدعائه فان هذا خلاف الظاهر جدّاً  ، واَمّا ان بعض الانبياء والاوصياء لم يستعملوا هذه الولاية والقدرة في الحفاظ على حياتهم وحماية انفسهم فهذا جوابه واضح لانّهم لايَعملَون قدرتهم الاّ اذا اراد الله تعالى واَذِنَ لهم في ذلك فـ (انهم عبادٌ مكرمون لايسبقونه بالقول وهم بأمره يعملون) (4)(وما تشاؤن الاّ ان يشاء الله ربّ العالمين) (5) .

Answer:- those who believe in wilayat-e-takwiniyya do not claim that prophets or aimmah asws can control the universe on their own personality or power, and what is in quran is not a proof that they dont have anything rather it is in meaning of they do not have anything WITHOUT allah’s will and desire;  but there is no prohibition that they cannot control universe with power whic has been given to them by allah, but not in their personal power, rather what allah has willed; allah has given them the power to say about something “be” and it is “done” but with will of allah;  and this power which they have, they do not act except by the order and will of allah; and what is said that allah runs the system of universe personally, the condition of that is (Then those who regulate the affair – naziat; 79/5); no doubt allah has made a system of cause and effect in such away that many things are released/run in the universe; and this has been said in this regard (allah runs things with their causes/reason) and this is followed by many verses of quran and narrations and incidents from history in huge numbers which show paranormal habits and the miracles made ​​by the prophets, guardians/oosai and their ability what others could not; and it is proven from quran that hazrat esa made alive those who died, and treated blinds and lepers, and this comes in quran in this way: (and you healed the blind and the leprous by My permission; and when you brought forth the dead by My permission– surat maidah 5/110) and saying of asif bin barkhiya ( I will bring it to you in the twinkling of an eye– surat naml, 27/40) and this comes with the fact that he had some knowledge from the book;; so what about the one who had knowledge of complete book and the attribution of the act is to the person apparently, and this means that he is the actually performer and the act appeared from him with the power and capability he had, i accept that it was with permission of allah as the power had been given to him by allah, but it does not mean that he was praying to allah to bring dead to alive and allah was accepting the prayers as this is against what is there apparently; and some of the prophets and oosia did not use this wilayat and power to protect their lives or defend themselves; and its answer is evident that they did not use this power except will of allah and permission from him; and for them is the verse ( They do not precede Him in speech and (only) according to His commandment do they act.= surat ul anbiya, 21/27)   and (And you do not please except that Allah please, the Lord of the worlds= surat takwir 81/29)