translated from the work of brother khair talab

scholar of ahlusunnah, dost mohammad quraishi asked 1000 questions from shias; and in one of his questions, he tried to argue FROM HIS OWN BOOKS to shias that imam ali asws offered prayers; so i thought to have a look into these

he writes in his book “jala ul azhan, page 98-99; objection 90;;; the following three narrations


hazrat ali asws says: may allah fill the grave of umar with light as he filled our mosques (by starting taraweeh in jamaat)

the wordings of taraweeh are not there in this narration, rather added by quraishi
apart from that, let us see sanad of this narration;;; this narration has been taken from

kanz ul aamal; vol 12, page 572; narration 35800; printed by mususa tur risala from ismail bin ziyad;; and mutaqi hindi has mentioned that it is from ibn asaakar;

and in tareekh damishq; vol 44, page 280; printed by dar ul fikr;; it comes with the sanad which is like this

موسیٰ بن داود الضبی نا محمد بن صبیح عن
اسماعیل بن زیاد قال مر علی بن ابی طالب

ismail bin ziyad has been rejected by ibn hajar (taqreeb ut tehzeeb; page 139; number 450)
and ibn haban and dhabi also criticized him; to the extent that they termed him liar, rejected and even dajjal (al majroohen; al kashif; meezan etc)

plus, there seems a break in sanad since ismail bin ziyar is from ITBA’A TABAEEN; so his hearing from hazrat ali asws needs evidence


abu abdur rehman salma narrates that hazrat ali asws called reciters of quran; and ordered one of them to lead prayers of 20 rakat; and hazrat ali asws led witr

this narration is from behqi; so behqi writes it with this sanad

اخبرنا ابوالحسن بن الفضل القطان ببغداد انبا محمد بن احمد بن عیسیٰ بن عبدک رازی ثنا ابوعمرو بن تمیم ثنا احمد بن عبداللہ بن یونس ثنا حماد بن شعیب عن عطاء بن سائب عن ابی عبدالرحمان السلمی

[sunan behqi; vol 2, page 699; printed by dar ul kutb ilmia; beirut]

there is hamad bin shoaib

ibn moin = daif
bukhari = fehe nadar
nisai = daif
ibn addi = should not be followed in many narrations
abu hatim = not strong

[meezan ul atadal; vol 1, page 596; number 2254; printed by dar ul maarifa]


hazrat arfaja says that hazrat ali asws ordered for taraweeh in ramadan month; and organized imam for men and women; and i was imam for women

this narration is from musanif abdul razaq; and comes with the following sanad

عن محمد بن عمارتہ عن عمر الثقفی عن عرفجتہ ان علیا۔

[musanif abdul razaq; vol 3, page 151; printed by maktaba tul islamiya; beirut]

and behqi quotes this with the following sanad

اخبرنا ابوالحسین ثنا موسیٰ بن محمد بن علی بن عبداللہ ثنا احمد بن عیسیٰ ثنا ہشام بن عمار ثنا مروان بن معاویہ عن ابی عبداللہ الثقفی ثنا عرفجتہ الثقفی

[sunan behqi; vol 2, page 695; printed by dar ul kutb ilmia; beirut]

there is umar bin abdullah bin ya’ala abu abdullah thaqafi; he is daif

ibn hajar = daif
[taqreeb ut tehzeeb; page 722; number 4967]

ahmad bin hanbal = daif
[maususa tu aqwaal imam ahmad bin hanbal; vol 3, page 76; number 1948]

darqutni = matrook/rejected
[tareekh islam, dhabi; vol 3, page 712]

arfaja is thiqa as per ibn haban; but ibn qatan says he is majhool
[tehzeeb ut tehzeeb; vol 7, page 177]


dost mohammad did not mention it though, but let us see it

abu hasna said that hazrat ali asws ordered one person to lead 20 rakat prayer in ramadan

this narration is present in the following books

ibn abi sheebah mentions it with the following chain

حدثنا وکیع عن حسن بن صالح عن عمرو بن قیس عن ابی الحسناء

[musanif ibn abi sheebah; vol 2, page 699; printed by dar ul kutb ilmia; beirut]

and behqi writes it with the chain ending like this

عن ابی سعد البقال عن ابی الحسناء

[ sunan kubra, behqi; vol 2,page 699; printed by dar ul kutb ilmia; beirut]

behqi weakens it and says

وفی ھذا الاسناد ضعف

there is weakness in this narration

abu hasna is majhool
[taqreeb ut tehzeeb; page 1136, number 8112]

[ i have tried to translate in short words but with same meaning; may allah bless brother khair talab for his efforts; amin]