a nasibi wrote on his forum

On page 224 of the most authentic Shia book 14Stars we find a chapter

Rasool-e-Kareem[saaw] order to Help Hussien[as]

Anas bin Harith who was companion of Rasool[saaw], narrates one day he saw Hz. Hussien[as] playing on the lap of Rsoolallah[saaw], and he[saaw] said, ” my this son[as] will be killed on the land of Karbala, and any one of you who is alive at the time should help him[as]”

Comment: Here are very few names of the people who were alive at the time, what would Shia of Ali call these people. Most of then are of Banu Hashim. These are the people who tried to Stop Imam from proceeding to Karbala. Did not help imam Hussien at Karbala.

Zara bin Saleh
Muhammad Bin Hanafia [rta] brother
Hz. Abdullah Bin Abbass [ra] uncle
Farazdak [poet of Ahly Baite]
Abdullah Bin Umar Bin Aas
Yahay [brother]
Abdullah Bin Jaffer Tayar
Awn Bin Abdullah
Mohammad Bin Abdullah Bin Jaffar Tayar

so, basically, he is quoting 14 SITARAY;

but ya nasibi!
atleast mention the books which he is quoting from………
why are u hiding that……………..


allama najm ul hasan has basically quoted this narration from books like

1- usd ul ghaba
2- al asaba
3- kinz ul aamal
4- zakhari ul uqba, mohib tibri

let us see what is written in usd ul ghaba

ibn atheer writes

“anas bin malik is from people of kufa, his narration has been narrated by ashat from his father and he from anas, who said that i heard prophet asws saying that this son of mine (imam hussein asws) would be martyred in iraq; so whosover finds him, he should help him;;; so he got martyred with imam hussein asws;;; his history has been written by three;; but abu naeem said that some of the later scholars like ibn mundah have counted him in sahaba, but he was tabai’i;;; abu umar and abu ahmad askari have favored the opinion of ibn mundah;; and they also said that it is proven that he is sahabi;;; abu ahmad said that some people said that he is son of anas hazla”

[ usd ul ghaba, ibn atheer, urdu translation; vol 1, page 203, narrator 246, printed in 2006]