from the work of brother master ier

قلت : كلام الأقران إذا تبرهن لنا أنه بهوى وعصبية : لا يُلتفت إليه ، بل يطوى ولا يروى كما تقرر عن الكف عن كثيرٍ مما شجر بين الصحابة وقتالهم رضي الله عنهم أجمعين .

وما زال يمر بنا ذلك في الدواوين والكتب والأجزاء ولكن أكثر ذلك منقطع وضعيف ، وبعضه كذب ، وهذا فيما بأيدينا وبين علمائنا ، فينبغي طيه وإخفاؤه ، بل إعدامه لتصفو القلوب ، وتتوفر على حب الصحابة والترضي عنهم ، وكتمان ذلك متعين عن العامة وآحاد العلماء ، وقد يرخص في مطالعة ذلك خلوة للعالم المنصف العري من الهوى بشرط أن يستغفر لهم كما علمنا الله تعالى حيث يقول { والذين جاؤوا من بعدهم يقولون ربنا اغفر لنا ولإخواننا الذين سبقونا بالإيمان ولا تجعل في قلوبنا غلا للذين آمنوا } .




I said: The statement of the peers if proved to us that it is by fancy and prejudice, then it should not be turned to. Rather, it should be folded (put away) and not seen, like has been repeated prevented from (reaching) the palm about a lot of what happened between the companions and their fight, may Allah be pleased with them all.

As for what still passes by us (i.e. remains) in the registers and the books and the volumes, however most of that is cut off and weak. Some of it is falsehood. This we have in our hands and between our scholars, it should folded and hidden.It should be forbidden so the hearts get cleared and be available for the love of the companions and being pleased with them, silencing that appointed by the general people and some scholars.

It is permitted in seeing that privacy for the scholar who is fair and free from fancy, on condition that he asks for forgiveness for them, just like Allah Almighty Taught us when He Said: And those who come after them say: Our Lord! forgive us and those of our brethren who had precedence of us in faith, [Shakir 59:10].

Siyar alamun-Nubala, v.10, p.92