we know that so far, none from ahlusunnah has given tautheeq for ibn maja from motaqadameen

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and as per the  book named “qamoos istilahat uloom ul hadeeth”;  written by sajid ur rehman sadiqi; he is son of mufti ashfaaq kandhlavi;

and he wrote that on page 113 under heading


and in that he said

“five sahih books of hadeeth which are other than ibn maja; the rest five”

interestingly, we find on a nasibi forum,

As opposed to modern views, Ibn Majah isn’t as significant as most people think since the vast majority of the authentic hadiths that are included in his book can be found in the other five books. Also, quite a few scholars hold the opinion that Sunan Al-Darimi should be the sixth book, and not Sunan Ibn Majah for that very reason.

so what is the status of sunan ibn maja in view of sunnis???