{Translated from the work of Qari Faizi; He writes}

Mola ali asws was on Haq in this fight, and those who were against Him, they were wrong and did mistake
Let us see a few Narrations


Imam Ahmad narrates from Abu Rafi’i that

“Holy Prophet asws told Imam Ali asws that soon there will be matter between You and Ayesha; I asked: me? He replied: Yes; I asked: Then I am unlucky? He said: No, but when it occurs, return Her to Her place”


1- Musnad Ahmad, vol 6, page 393; and New Edition vol 8, page 789, number 2774
2- Musnad al Bazar, vol 9, page 366, narration 3881
3- Maujam ul Kabeer, vol 1, page 262, narration 988
4- Itihaaf ul Khaira al Mohara; vol 8, page 25, number 7399
5- Kashaf ul Istaar; vol 4, page 93-94; number 3272
6- Khasais ul Kubra; vol 2, page 233
7-Ashrat us Saya; page 99

Hafiz Haithmi terms all the Narrators Thiqa, and ibn Hajar terms the Sanad HASAN


1- Majma uz Zawaid; vol 7, page 234; and new edition vol 7, page 474, number 82024
2- Fath ul Bari; vol 14, page 557

Shiekh abu Fatooh al Taleedi writes

“This narration is one of the miracles of Prophet asws and points to two things

1- Mola Ali was near Haq; and He was not unlucky in that battle
2- Mistake of Ayesha in Her Ijtihad; and that she was not removed from being wife of Prophet asws and still had respect; and that is why Prophet asws told Mola Ali asws to return her to her house


Al Anwaar ul Bahira; page 65


Umm salma narrates that Holy Prophet asws spoke of uprising of some wives; so Ayesha laughed

Holy Prophet asws said: o Humaira! see that it is not you

Then Holy Prophet pointed to Imam ali Asws and said

“if it is in your hands, be gentle”


1- Mustadarak; vol 3, page 118; new edition vol 4, page 86, number 4668
2- Dalail un Nabuwa, Behqi; vol 6, page 411
3- al Fitn by Naeem bin Hamad; page 52, narration 176
4- Khasais ul Kubra, vol 2, page 232


In another Narration, it comes that Holy Prophet asws said that what would be the condition when Dogs of Hawab will bark at one of you


1- Musnad Ahmad; vol 6, page 52, narration 24758 and page 97 narration 25121
2- Musanif ibn abi Sheebah; vol 7, page 536, narration 3220
3- Sahih ibn Haban; vol 15, page 126, number 6732


In another narration, it comes that the camel She would be riding, it will have many hairs; and then dogs will bark at Hawab; and there will be piles of dead bodies around her, and she will then get freedom from that place


1- Musnad al Bazar, vol 11, page 73, number 4777
2- Majma uz Zawaid; vol 7, page 234, number 12026
3- Itihaf ul Khera al Mohara; vol 8, page 22, number 7393

Hafiz Haithmi and ibn Hajar both said that all the narrators are Thiqa

[Fath ul Bari; vol 4, page 557]

so it happened as Holy Prophet asws had said;

so Qais bin abu Hazim says that when Ayesha reached near place of banu Amir; dogs started barking; She asked: which place is this? People said that it is Hawab. Ayesha said that I wish to go back. So Zubair said: No, rather you should move forward and when people will see you, Allah will make peace between them; She said: No, I wish to return as I have heard Prophet asws saying: What will be the state when dogs of Hawab will bark at one of you


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[Khasais-e-Ali, Translation, Explanation and Takhreej by Qari Zahoor Ahmad Faizi; page 788-790; printed by Maktaba Baab ul I’lm; Lahore]

(Qari Faizi further says)

Regarding authenticity of this chain, let us see the opinion of Great Scholars

Hafiz Haithmi says

“It has been narrated by Ahmad, Abu Y’ala, Bazar, and Narrators of Ahmad are narrators of Sahih Hadeeth”

[Majma uz Zawaid; vol 7, page 234;; new edition page 474, number 12025]

Ibn Hajar accepted the authenticity by Ibn Haban; and said that its chain is on the standards of Sahih

[Fath ul Bari; vol 4, page 557]

Sheikh Shoaib said that its chain is as per the standards of Sheikhain

[Al Ihsaan ba tarteeb Sahih ibn Haban; vol 15, page 125]

Hafiz ibn Kather has included it in miracles of Holy Prophet asws and said that it is on the conditions of bukhari and muslim

[al Bidaya wa Nihaya; vol 4, page 617;;; new edition vol 6, page 316]

{Khasais-e-Ali, page 791-792}

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