we find in musnad ahmad

“ayesha said that holy prophet asws told her that when she is angry with holy prophet, he comes to know about it; and when she is satisfied with holy prophet asws, he also comes to know about it. she asked as to how he comes to know about that. He replied that when she is angry, she says “o mohammad”; and when she is satisfied, she says “o holy prophet”

[Musnad ahmad, urdu, vol 11, page 4, narration 24514]

Sheikh hamza says isnaad sahih
[Musnad ahmad, takhreej of ahmad shakir and hamza ahmad, vol 17, page 205]

similar narration is there in urdu version, vol 11, page 93; and molvi zafar iqbal says that narration is sahih as per bukhari, muslim and ibn haban