let us see what ayesha had to say in this regard

“ibn umar narrates that once holy prophet asws passed by a grave; and he said that at this time, he is being punished because his relatives are crying for him. ayesha said on this: may allah forgive ibn umar; he had illusion in this regard; allah said that none will bear the weight of others; holy prophet asws had said that he is being punished at this time and his relatives are crying”

[musnad ahmad, urdu, vol 3, page 106]

Sheikh shoaib says hadeeth is sahih and this chain is hasan [8/471/4865]

Another similar narration is there in urdu version, vol 11, page 126-127; and molvi zafar iqbal says it is sahih as per bukhari and muslim

let us take another example to further strengthen our claim that he had illusions while narrating ahadeeth
and this we say on the authority of ayesha;

we find in musnad ahmad

“ibn umar said that holy prophet asws said thatmonth is of 29 days; holy prophet asws signalled 10,10 with his fingers twice and on third time, he closed his thumb. when ayesha came to know of this, she said that may allah forgive ibn umar, he had illusion; holy prophet asws had left his wives for one month, and on 29th day he came downstairs; people asked him: o prophet! you came down on 29th day; so he replied: month is sometimes of 29 days

[musnad ahmad, urdu, vol 3, page 107]

Sheikh shoaib says marfo’o is sahih and this chain is hasan [8/472/4866]

Again narrated on page 182 of vol 3

translation in urdu is of molvi zafar iqbal