let us see a narration from musnad ahmad

Ibn umar was asked: do you offer chasht prayers? He replied no; he was asked: did umar offered it? He replied: no; he was asked: did abu bakar offered it? He said: no; he was asked: did holy prophet asws offered it? He said: I do not think so that he offered it

{molvi zafar says narration is sahih as per bukhari}

[musnad ahmad, urdu, vol 3, page 81]

This narration is also present in urdu version, vol 11, page 149

Interestingly, we find in another narration, and that we would present only a small part of it
We see

Mujahid says that once I and urwa went to mosque and went to ibn umar there, and sat with him; we saw some people offering chasht prayers. We asked him what that prayer was? He replied: that is a bidat…..

{molvi zafar iqbal says sahih as per bukhari, muslim, ibn khuzaima, ibn haban}

[musnad ahmad, urdu, vol 3, page 406]

And this narration is also present on 3/484-485

Molvi zafar iqbal, as usual tried to defend his madhab by cheating; and did not use the word bidat; rather tried to cheat by saying : NEW INVENTION only
Though the word bidat is used in urdu as well; rather it is one of the most beloved word of many sunnis…………..