let us see interesting narration

umar bin abdullah said that once few men came out of marwan’s area; and they met ibn umar; so ibn umar asked them: where are you coming from? they replied: we are coming from amir marwan’s area; ibn umar said: was it so that when you saw good over there, you supported that and helped that? and when you saw munkirat/rejected things, you spoke against it and negated that? they said: no it was not like that, rather he spoke munkirat/rejected things and we accepted that and said that allah would do good to you; and when we came out of his place, we said: may allah kill him, he is such a cruel man and a sinner. ibn umar said: we considered this as hypocrisy in era of holy prophet asws 

[musnad ahmad, urdu, vol 3, page 223]

Sheikh shoaib says hadeeth is sahih and narrators are thiqa and narrators of sheikhain except umar bin Abdullah [9/273/5373]