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i had been thinking of this narration for sometime; and finally i thought to share it with you all
here is what we find in musnad ahmad

ibn umar narrates that when ghilan bin salma accepted islam, he had 10 wives; so holy prophet asws told him to select 4 and leave others; and when the era of umar came, he gave divorce to the remaining ones; and distributed his wealth in his sons; when umar came to know of it, he told him that i think that due to secretly listening to satan, you have come to know of your death time; and that he put in your heart; and now you would live for short time only; by god! either you take back your wives and distribution of your wealth or i will make your wives your heir; and order to stone your grave like it was done to grave of abu raghal 

[musnad ahmad, urdu, vol 3, page 50-51]

Sheikh shoaib says hadeeth is sahih and all narrators are thiqa [8/251/4631]

ghilan is a sahabi (usd ul ghaba, vol 2, page 786, number 4184); and we see here that umar is charging him of “secretly listening” to satan
and not just that, he even went ahead to say that he would order to stone his grave…………….

one can say that it was just suspicion, but is this the way you threaten someone on grounds of mere suspicion????