let us see two narrations

let us see what the first one says

Umm salma said that my friends/other wives told me to talk to holy prophet asws on this issue that he should order people that where ever he is, they can given gifts. This is because people would wait for turn of Ayesha, and we are also desirous of that amount of good as she is. So I told holy prophet asws that my friends have sent me to you with this request that you order people that they can give you gifts no matter where you are because they wait for turn of Ayesha and we are also desirous of good like Ayesha. Prophet asws kept quiet and did not reply.
When my friends came, I told them that holy prophet asws did not talk on this. They said that you continue telling him this. So when he came again, I again requested him this. It happened twice or thrice, but he kept quiet. So finally he said: o umm salma! Don’t tease me in regards to Ayesha, by god! I do not receive wahi except in her house. I said: I seek protection to tease you in regards to Ayesha.

[musnad ahmad, urdu version, vol 12, page 40]

Molvi zafar says sahih as per ibn haban, Albany

Sheikh hamza says isnaad sahih [18/245]

Sheikh shoaib says hadeeth is sahih and this chain carries praise [44/130/26512]

Repeated again with slightly chain sanad in urdu version 12/41

well, this narration has told us two things

1- wives of holy prophet asws were not satisfied with this attitude

we had already seen this before
holy prophet asws did not do equity to wives: opinion of umhat-ul-momineen « slave of Ahlubait’s Blog

2- holy prophet asws did not get any revelation except in house of ayesha

let us see what umm salma narrates in another narration
again from musnad ahmad

Umm salma said that once holy prophet asws was in her house. Bibi Fatima asws came and had a utensil which had khazera. Prophet asws told her to call her husband and children. So they came and started eating it. He was sleeping and had a cloak of khaiber underneath. And I was offering prayer when allah revealed verse of purification………………………………

[musnad ahmad, urdu version, vol 12, page 38-39]

Sheikh shoaib commented on three chain for this narration on the said pages and termed the hadeeth as sahih [44/119/26508]

Sheikh hamza termed it isnaad sahih [18/244]

verse of purification revealed in house of bibi umm salma
but there was no revelation in houses of other wives