brother nawaf made an interesting observation

let me share that with you

he mentioned this narration from sunan ibn maja

1963 حدثنا محمد بن خلف العسقلاني حدثنا الفريابي عن أبان بن أبي حازم عن أبي بكر بن حفص عن ابن عمر قال لما ولي عمر بن الخطاب خطب الناس فقال إن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم أذن لنا في المتعة ثلاثا ثم حرمها والله لا أعلم أحدا يتمتع وهو محصن إلا رجمته بالحجارة إلا أن يأتيني بأربعة يشهدون أن رسول الله أحلها بعد إذ حرمها

ibn umar said that when umar became WALI (urdu translation says when he became caliph), he delivered a speech, so he said: holy prophet asws gave us permission to do muta’a three times, and then he prohibited it. by god! if i come to know that any of you did muta’a and he is married, i ll punish him with stones (rajam) except that he brings me 4 people (of course they have to be sahaba) who testify that holy prophet asws allowed it after he prohibited it

as regards to authenticity, let me add that

1- albany included this in his sahih ibn maja, vol 2, page 154, narration 1611: he terms it HASAN

2- hafiz abu tahir zubair ali zai terms in HASAN in urdu translation of sunan ibn maja, vol 3, narration 1963

3- sheikh maqbal al widai included it in his الصحيح المسند مما ليس في الصحيحين , and termed it HASAN

his observation is that if only one sahabi narrates a narration, wont that be a hujjat?
if yes, why was omer asking for 4?

and my addition to this is that here the word used for caliph/khalifa is WALI

here is the link to article of brother nawaf